Jodenbreestraat 4. (Open Map)


At Rembrandt's former home on Jodenbreestraat, the Museum het Rembrandthuis provides an unparalleled insight into the life and work of one of the Netherlands' most celebrated artists. Dating back to 1606, the three-story canal house was where Rembrandt spent his most successful years, working on major art commissions and running his painting studio, before being sold to creditors in 1656. Thanks to the debt collectors' itemized list, the museum's interior has been faithfully reproduced. Visitors can explore the living room and bedroom, anteroom, studio, Cabinet (filled with curiosities) and Print Room, which holds a near-complete collection of Rembrandt's etchings. After falling into a state of disrepair, the house underwent restoration and was opened by Queen Wilhelmina in 1911.