Anne Frank Huis

Prinsengracht 267, Amsterdam. (Open Map)


One of Amsterdam's most powerful experiences is visiting the Anne Frank Huis, which serves to intimately personalize the catastrophic effects of the Holocaust. In 1933, Anne Frank, her sister Margot, and their parents, Otto and Edith, fled Germany and settled in Amsterdam, where Otto founded businesses. During Germany's invasion of the Netherlands in 1940, the family and two of their colleagues sought refuge in the "Secret Annexe" of Otto's work premises, where they were sadly betrayed two years later. During this time, Anne kept a diary which her father, the sole survivor, published and immortalized her story and life.

The museum contains interactive media, such as WWII newsreels overlaying Anne's diary, offices of Otto Frank's business partner, personal effects and documents, and models of the unfurnished annexe which illustrate the cramped living conditions. Viewers can also glimpse into Anne's bedroom, decorated with pictures of Hollywood stars and Dutch royals and understand the measures the hiders had to take in order to avoid being detected. After exploring the annexe, visitors can view more videos in the front house, as well as Anne's diary displayed in a glass case.